Bridging the Digital Divide


Connectivity and computer access are limited in downtown Lewiston, even as the Internet has become an essential gateway to education, jobs, goods, services, and social networks. Downtown Lewiston has two well-equipped computer labs, one at the Lewiston Public Library and Lewiston Adult Education’s computer lab at the B Street Community Center. Drawing on student expertise from the colleges, DEC is staffing these labs, providing one-on-one mentoring and offering skill-building workshops. Staff assist residents with tasks such as completing on-line job applications, conducting job searches, using the Internet to access essential information and services, and developing their computer skills. One or both of the labs is open daily M-F.

Hours vary, so please visit our “Contact Us” page for more information.

Opportunities for Involvement
Student Involvement Course Participation Past and Present

Mentors, Tutors, Trainers, Informal Intake
Counselors, Researchers, Information Brokers

Knowlegde and Skills:
Teaching and Training (Adults), Awareness of
Community Resources and How to Access Them,
Research, The Digital Divide – Characteristics and Impact

Independent Study and Work Study,
Excel, Business Administration

Psychology- Diversity in Adolescence
Political Science – Immigrant’s Rights

USM-LAC: Political Science – Applied Social Policy

Research Questions:

What is the scope of the digital divide in Lewiston?
What creative means have other towns and cities found to address this issue?
How can this project better meet the needs of residents and of the community?
In what ways can this project best contribute to Lewiston’s economic recovery?