Classes, Workshops and Other Activities

 Examples of classes, workshops and other activities that occur at DEC, or that DEC is involved in include:

  • A CMCC Political Science class meeting was held at DEC with pre-election visits to the Democrat and Republican Campaign Offices on Lisbon Street followed by analysis and comparison.
  • Bates Students and CMCC Students met at DEC to attend a presentation on the the Kakuma and Dadab refugee camps in Kenya by Winnie Kiunga, a visiting lecturer at Bates College.
  • DEC served as a venue for several Community Conversations meetings facilitated by the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence.
  • DEC served as a meeting space for organizations involved in after school programming to facilitate communication, resource sharing and collaboration.
  • Tutor trainings for tutors from all four colleges are held at DEC.
  • Good Food for Lewiston (the Community Food Assessment) project groups meet at DEC, including groups of college students, faculty and community researchers engaged in collaborative research.
  • New Student Orientations use DEC as a base to introduce students to downtown Lewiston.
  • Early Childhood Development and Education faculty from all four colleges came together at DEC to talk about how they could work together to enhance each others’ and their students’ curriculum and learning, and add value to the work the students do with children and their parents in and around Lewiston – now and in the future. This was the genesis of the Early Childhood Cross Campus Collaboration. 
  • DEC helped to organize a “college day” at Bates College and service learning projects for high school students from Operation Breaking Stereotype (OBS). OBS brought together a group of high school students from Deer Isle, Maine; Lewiston High School and Brooklyn High School for the Arts for several days of service learning, leadership development and aspirations building.
  • Medical Assisting and Nursing students at Kaplan and CMCC offered a free blood pressure clinic for community members.
  • DEC has been involved in several other collaborations, including working with the school department on a Maine Family Literacy Initiative grant to support family literacy for mothers and young children; and, a partnership with the Trinity Jubilee Center to facilitate a service-learning project in which Kaplan students created early childhood literacy books for refugee families.