Good Food for Lewiston: A Community Food Assessment

In partnership with St. Mary’s Health System and Lots to Gardens, DEC is assisting with a multi-year research project that assesses food needs and assets in Lewiston and identifies avenues for enhancing nutrition and food security. Faculty and student teams from Bates and USM’S LAC have used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to map nutritional assets and needs, paying particular attention to the diverse foodways of the downtown’s multicultural population. The second phase of the research is currently underway, with faculty, students and community members involved in a wider scope and greater depth of research, assessment and awareness raising activities.

Opportunities for Involvement
Student Involvement Course Participation Past and Present

Mentors, Tutors, Trainers, Informal Intake
Counselors, Researchers, Information Brokers

Knowlegde and Skills:
Teaching and Training (Adults), Awareness of
Community Resources and How to Access Them,
Research, The Digital Divide – Characteristics and Impact

Independent Study and Work Study,
Excel, Business Administration

Psychology- Diversity in Adolescence
Political Science – Immigrant’s Rights

USM-LAC: Political Science – Applied Social Policy

Research Questions: Socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of Lewiston, Emergency and Nonemergency Food Resources, Nutritional Status, Access and Availability of Food, the Urban Farm