Modular Origami

In the fall of 2009, an Interactive Modular Origami Exhibit was installed at DEC. Community members were invited to view and interact with the exhibit, and students and teachers from Lewiston and Auburn schools as well as the colleges were invited to attend workshops on using origami to bring mathematics to life. Origami also has therapeutic advantages. As Eva Szillery, PhD in mathematics and exhibit creator, writes:

The therapeutic advantages of origami are amazing. To be able to take a simple concept such as paper folding and watch it make a difference in people’s lives is awesome. Origami is a learning experience that incorporates communication skills and problem solving skills. It’s also a great activity to promote goal setting. Finishing an origami project takes time but the results are beautiful and fulfilling. Seeing the outcome of the project in a picture and working toward it provides an individual with a goal. It’s important to have goals in life and it’s great that an activity such as origami can help a person learn about it. Origami provides an opportunity to relax and have fun. The enjoyment that goes along with this activity is definitely good therapy.